Saturday, July 30, 2011

A look into the past...

Last night Dovey and I were discussing our family trees, and how we really don't know much past our grandparents. After much deliberation, we decided to start an family tree. Though it is quite simple to get started, there are already a few issues we have come across.

One... adoptions! How on earth do I show that my mother was adopted by her aunt, and that three of my husbands sibs were adopted. (CONFUSING).

Two... Historical references. For example, how am I to obtain a photograph of a great grandparent for the tree? or know what wars they participated in, and where they resided?

Three... it looks like the only way can assist is if you have more than JUST a name (meaning a birth city, death city, dates of birth or death) once you have that the little leaf appears and VOILA! you have access to official documents. :( If I barely know their name, how on EARTH am I going to know their birthdate!

UGH. What have we gotten ourselves into!? I have sent out a call for help to all of our family members... perhaps they can shed light into the shadows and we can end up with a substantial family tree, complete and filled with little tidbits of uniqueness.

Filled with hope,

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