Saturday, May 19, 2012

As the World Turns...

Ok - So I suck at blogging. I only check in like once a month (or two) and my blogs just ramble about with no real direction. I apologize for that. I can't promise that I will be better, but I do promise to try!

There has been so much going on for the last few months, I completed the 10-lb challenge under goal (at 9.5 lbs! SO CLOSE!) and have signed up for my Diabetes walk in October! It's a great excuse to stay healthy, and its for an amazing cause!

Dovey has made some big changes this month - he left his job of 8 years (somewhat unwillingly) but after a new job fell into his lap and his interviews went smashingly - there was ALOT of thinking to do. It took him one week to weigh the pros and cons (seriously) and with a list that went on forever - he closed his eyes and pressed SEND on his resignation email.

Sidebar. YES - email!? I was totally confused. Somethings should NOT change that much! He is in IT and they are definitely all about the internet there - so he cc'd everyone that needed to know immediately, and then (after much coaxing) printed out a copy and laid it on the HR lady's desk first thing the next morning. I insisted that after 8 years, many traditions have changed, but that shouldn't be one of them!

Anyhow.. we made some big changes - and he has completed his first week at the new job. The first day was hairy. The second was a little easier, the third - bearable, and the fourth - golden. I knew he would get the hang of not working 24-7, it just took some time! He is still adjusting to the change, but is enjoying the benefits, like having time with his wife in the morning! (Wow!) and time to watch TV at night! and reading a book during his lunch break! (Ooohhhh!) and not having to check his email WHILE DRIVING so that he isnt bombarded when he gets to the next jobsite... (Aahhhh!)

Because he had grown with the company, he didn't see it as bad - (hmmm slave drivers maybe?) any way you look at it, it wasn't healthy. I am surprised he even had time to meet me and fall in love while working there... lol. Even when he had 4 weeks vacation time, and we were ON vacation, most of the time was spent on the phone, helping the office or clients or checking emails. It was just too much. and I am glad that he has made the move on to a 'normal' work environment. The new job is challenging, BUT HEALTHY. It's definitely a move in the right direction!

And now back to me. ;) Because of all of these changes, my goals have all been thrown in a blender and chopped to bits. I seriously need to reassess them. My jewelry business is going to be placed on the back burner (though I enjoy it immensely! and still will have 1-2 parties per month, it wont be my whole focus.) because Jeremy will be farther away and I need to be home at certain times to care for the pups... And I have decided that I might shift my 'part time' focus to doing more graphic stuff on the side. 

I know, I know... It should have always been my focus. It's what I love to do, and what I am best at! I was just getting burnt out the last time and needed a break. I am feeling more confident about my design these days, and ready to try my own dabbling.  I love my day job, I get to be creative and do what I have always LOVED doing - magazines! I am referring to side jobs... to subsidize our income and save up for a house. (as was previously goaled with the jewelry goodies - just doing something I am far more familiar with to get there!)

So here's to new adventures!
May your Summer be filled with them!

What new adventures are in store for you this Summer?

PS if you or someone you know needs a wedding/baby/birthday invitation, logos, business cards or just about anything else that's printed... Email me! I will send you the link to my portfolio. ;)