Monday, August 1, 2011

The Great Wall of Los Angeles

Today, Dovey and I decided to take a field trip. We recently found out that we are just a mile away from the 'world's largest mural' in the Los Angeles River. Dove was having some trouble getting started that day, so before we knew it it was 1pm. We decided to walk over there since it wasnt too far away.

They had just completed the renovation project and the colors were beautiful and vibrant. It took you through LA in prehistoric times, through wars and strikes and political agenda's. The Spanish conquistadors, Mexican rule, there was the Japanese Internment camps and the Indian Relocation. There were some less depressing parts too, like the beginning of Rock and Roll and the Movie Era (with Mr. William S. Hart!). It was AWESOME. So many years, so many artists - all keeping true to the original. I am attaching some photos too. :)

If you have a day and are capable of walking a mile, I suggest you pop on over. and take a look.
Happy travels!

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