Thursday, August 11, 2011

A surreal visit to the DMV...

Yesterday I paid a visit to my local DMV office to obtain my new Driver's License and pay my vehicle registration. This time I planned ahead and scheduled an appointment online for first thing in the morning. I arrived at 8:59am, just before they opened the doors and noted the line around the building for those without appointments. 
{Thank goodness for being a planner! Really though, why WOULDN'T you schedule an appointment - nowadays you can do them online and even from your cellphone!}

I joined the line of 5 appointment people, and shuffled my way inside. I was AMAZED at the cheery disposition of all of the employees. The woman processing the queue greeted me with a smile, was very informative - making sure that I had all of the necessary documents to complete my transactions and giving me the application to fill out. She then told me when it was finished to 'just pop in front of everyone else' and she would get me to a window. CHA-CHING!

Within minutes I was at a window, where another very kind woman greeted me with a smile and began processing my requests.
{Seriously folks... did someone slip some happy pills in the coffee pot?!}
Then she tells me that she apologizes for the delay (I've been standing for all of 1 minute at this point.) but that they began implementing a new system this morning and that they have never used it before.
{Hold up. So everyone's smiley and happy AND your learning a new system? How is that even possible?} 
She completed the name change and moved onto the registration in no time at all - and then pointed me in the direction of the photo booth...

THANK GOD I get to take a new picture... the last one was stretched horizontally by their system - making me look about 30 lbs heavier! Fingers crossed that doesn't happen again!

The man at the photo desk was being silly and smiley and happy too.. he was joking around with me and all of his neighbors... keeping the mood light and airy. Fingerprint. Signature. Photo. Done! The man said that I will receive my actual identification in 2 - 4 weeks and to Have a great day! I look at the clock on the wall on my way out, stunned... all that happiness and it's only 9:20am.

With a cheeseball smile on my face, I was off - with my new 'Sawyer' paper identification in hand - ready to face the day!

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