Sunday, August 7, 2011

The most amazing part of marriage...

I know there are too many things that fall under this heading, but Ive only been married for just under 6 months, and the most amazing part SO FAR has been "family."

Growing up it was my sister and I, my mom and my Daddy... with the addition of two half brothers, my dad's first wife and her husband and all of my brothers best friends (there were about 5 at family gatherings! plus their significant others if they had them!) A big extended family was the most amazing part of the holidays. When everyone grew up and got their own spouses, things changed again... less time together, more time for them and their families.

And then my dad passed away. I know that it was no ones intention but tragedy does some strange things to people. There were serious cracks in our family's stability and a lot of separation. Sadly, it took ten years to repair a few of those cracks and a few of them seem to be permanent. Though there were survivors, to this day we struggle to survive as a family unit.

Enter Dovey - though his family has had its ups and downs, they continue to be strong and remain close. Mom & Dad are still together (after 35 yrs!), and live close enough to have monthly visits. He has 5 siblings, two older half brothers (like me!) and three that he grew up with. And when we married I became an aunt to 10 amazing kids! I'm even going to be a great aunt in just a few months!

I feel as though I am learning from all of them every day. Learning about myself, and what I value most. And when Dovey and I decide to become parents, it makes me happy to know that they too will be part of a very large family circle.

With hope for the future,

♪ ♫ We are family... get up everybody and sing! ♪ ♫

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