Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A trip to the market...

Dovey and I have been trying to get the whole Cooking at home - Cooking for two - Cooking healthy - Cooking on a budget thing down... and boy has it been a challenge.

On our first attempt, we picked up a random cookbook, bought tons of new ingredients and made WAY too much food. That was when our weekly bill was almost $200!   The food was delicious, but SUPER high in calories. Not for two - not healthy - not on a budget. You know there's a flaw in the system when you can eat out all week long and spend LESS! 

For our next try, we started with a healthier cookbook (the calorie counts were printed clearly at the bottom of the recipe). However, it was still 8 servings! We tried to cut them into two portions, but that didn't work out - the flavors and consistencies were all wrong. The ingredients were costly as well... we were able to get the budget down to $125/week, but we thought it was still too much.

Then we went back to our roots - trying the 'meat and potatoes' diet. It worked pretty well because we were able to make the proper serving size and included lots of veggies - but the meals were heavy and the variety just wasn't there. 

I was ready to throw in the towel, when I decided to ask my boss what her secret was to cooking for two... she smiled and said "Trader Joe's." So after dinner this evening, Dovey and I took a field trip to TJ's.

Seriously folks, how did I not know about TJ's? They have an amazing variety of healthy foods, perfectly portioned for two people and the best part - One weeks’ worth of goodies including Chinese, Mexican, Italian and American menus totaled just over $50!

Did you hear that dinner?! This week, you're mine!

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