Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ready, Set, GO!

I know that 2012 started a week ago, for everyone else but me! My career as a Creative Director keeps me busy the first week (1st - 7th) out of every month. So that means that life begins on the 8th, and pauses on the last day of the month. It's cool though, this is one of the many reasons I LOVE that I met my husband after I had my career set in stone... he's used to the deadlines.

This week has actually been pretty productive, despite the deadline!

Goal One: Healthy & Green
I used my elliptical 3 days this week, and have kept an eye on my eating patterns. I also got involved in "The Ten Pound Challenge" with several fellow bloggers this week! I know I wasn't worrying about a number, but this challenge gives me an extra incentive to stick with my goals this year. ;) Gotta love incentives!

As for being green, I ordered presentation folders for my jewelry hostesses - and have made up "Help me recycle, return this folder and any unused contents" stickers :) I am also going to laminate a few pieces that wont really change, so that they wont get weathered over time. We shall see how the girls do with that new concept. With the 'green' changes being made all over, I hope and pray that they are very receptive.

Goal Two: Business is Booming
As this is my Creative Director deadline week, I didnt get much done for the jewelry business this week, aside from the green folders above, however I did participate in my leadership call on Friday and got a few great tidbits. The homework in that class is challenging, but great for business. We were also reminded of our challenges and incentives for the next few months... :) Gotta love incentives! haha. I know, I said that already. I am usually not an incentive driven person, but its definitely nice to get rewarded for good deeds, going unseen (as they have in the past) is fine, because I KNOW that I did them - but having others notice too makes you feel good inside. I have some great parties scheduled the next few weeks, and then SUMMIT in AZ at the end of the month! :) This is my second business rally, and I learned so much at the first that this is going to be great. Plus, I love having the chance to get to know my team better. ;)

Goal Three: Vacation Smarter
Dovey and I planned our first 'weekender' vacation for our anniversary (I love that Dovey still calls it "Our Honeymoon") in Santa Barbara. It's close enough to not take forever to arrive at vacation, but far enough away that we don't feel sucked into our work vortex! LOL. Plus Santa Barbara is a romantic getaway, beachy sunsets, delicious restos... walks through downtown on State Street... itll be great!

We are also trying to plan a cohesive vacation with my parents, renting a house for a week in Ventura. It will be nice if it works out, since we exhausted our resources for Nor Cal trips last year, I went three times in three months! And the stupid Rapid Rewards credits arent working because they havent changed my maiden name to my married name yet! UGH. ((it's on the list of to-dos!))

Goal Four: Organize the Love Shack
No improvement here. Deadline week is when cleaning gets tossed by the wayside. The only thing we get done that week is laundry, and VOILA its done already. ;)

Other than that we have a plan of attack for this weeks meal schedule... and a forward thinking approach to the months to come. We chose our absolute fav restos and put them on a rotation for our date nights (every friday)... so we can hit each of them over the course of a few months. The more ritzy choices are what we rotate, so one month we will hit our favorite italian place, and the next we will hit our favorite steak place (out here.. Salt Creek is still a regular! We loved that place enough to get married there, lol.. its on the monthly regimine forEVER now. YUM YUM YUM.)

Great, now I am hungry again! LOL...
Here's to chipping away at the goal list! XO

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  1. Let me know how santa barbara goes! I've been wanting to take a weekend getaway there but can't decide if it's worth it...