Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Checking in...

Wow. I cannot believe that a month has passed since New Years Day. It's crazy how time flies when you are making changes!

Just wanted to write in a quick progress report. As you all know I am doing my 10 lb challenge with Newlyweds On A Budget (See the button on the top right of the page!) and am really impressed with my results so far. Now as you know I am a pretty busy girl, but have been doing small changes to my eating habits, like portion control and paying attention to what I put in my mouth. I had signed up for WW online to keep track of what I am doing.
I am not a crazy tracker though, for example this past weekend on a conference I didn't whip out my phone to count my points at every second, but I did pay attention to my portions and my choices.  :)
So far so good! I have lost 2.2 lbs since I started the weight tracker on Jan 16! Now if only I can get the exercise portion down I will be well on my way! LOL

I've streamlined my hostess packets and am working on a few new ideas I picked up at conference. Also alot of the girls said they way they are going green in their business is using a "Tablet" at their shows and emailing the receipts. GREAT IDEA... however I'm not a tablet fan - too many variables and not enough stamina - so I have modified it, I am going to bring my laptop and do it that way. :)

Business is Booming
Well January wasn't the greatest of months, but I am hopeful and determined to make a difference in my business. I have started making little adjustments and picking up the 300 lb phone ;) I am still planning to promote within Lia Sophia soon - by the end of summer, and this quote said it best...
"You've made the choice, 
          now make it happen!"
I'm working on it. ;)

Vacation Station
So we had already planned our Santa Barbara weekend for the anniversary, and now we have a few more on the docket. Santa Barbara in February, Vegas in March, Redding in April, Palm Springs in May, and San Diego in June. :) I cannot wait to get started on checking off those bad boys! :) hehehe.

Well, That's all for now!
Hope you all are succeeding with your goals!
All my best,

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  1. i totally need to catch up on losing weight! I lost 3.4 pounds easily, then as soon as the 10 pound challenge started Jan 16th i've hit a wall! I'm the exact same weight! gah! I need to pump it up if I want to have anything to report for week 4!