Thursday, March 15, 2012

8 week check in :)

Wow. I cant believe that March is almost over. As you all know I have been doing the 10-lb challenge with Newlyweds on a Budget, and I'm excited to report that today I weighed in 8.2lbs less than my starting point!


Its been kind of rough at times because Dovey and I have been doing the Monthly Weekender setup. Its really hard to watch what you eat when you are surrounded with amazing choices! :) Santa Barbara was AWESOME. We ate yummy food EVERYWHERE, caught a movie at the DRIVE-IN *yes a real old school drive in* and played on State street. It was an amazing weekend away in celebration of our first year together.

Fun little side note, on the way home we got a wild hair and decided to ADOPT a new family member! :)

Everybody meet Chance, he got his second chance at life when he was rescued from a random shelter on our way home. ;) Isn't he cute! So yes, our family IS expanding, but only in the furry variety. We'll leave the chitlins by the wayside for a few more years. ;P

This weekend we head to Las Vegas, (Sin City! lol) for Dovey's birthday. ;) The land of BUFFETS! haha. I am not sure how I will navigate those bad boys and keep to my diet, but I plan to fill up on veggies (because they're FREE on WW!) and tally every last point. We aren't big drinkers so it shouldn't be too bad! Dovey loves a good poker tourney, and all he wanted was to play play play this weekend... so off to Sin City we go. Not sure what I will be doing in the midst of all of this, but ITS VEGAS. There is always SOMETHING to do, right?

Not much else to report, but super excited to be only 1.8 lbs away from my goal! :) CANT WAIT!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! ;) xoxo

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